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Sound is everywhere, it's as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Yet many of us become stressed or uncomfortable with sounds in our own home, school, work, and public places, and aren't even aware of it. Negative sound exposure has a scientifically proven impact on health, sleep, attention, learning, communication, listening and more.

TLP Spectrum is a foundational programme created for children and adults with sensory sensitivities in need of a therapeutic intervention, and those listening for wellness and stress reduction. TLP Spectrum creates a healthy relationship with sound. It trains the brain with pleasing evidence-based music which has been developed to reduce sensory sensitivities, and help people relax more in their environment. TLP Spectrum is ideal for children and adults with; autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, brain injury, and developmental delays, as well as typically developing toddlers, preschoolers, and the elderly. The training emphasis is in the lower frequencies of sound which resonate in the body.


Think of sounding out a vowel like 'a' 'o' or 'u' - you can literally feel the vibration within your body! This is because vowel sounds are low frequency sounds which vibrate in the body. This process of resonance is a key to the use of low frequency sounds within TLP Spectrum.

Did you know that we have different types of cells within the skin such as Pacinian Corpuscles and Ruffini's Endings? Their resonant frequencies are between around 100 - 500Hz. This means low frequency sound travels through the body and activates the skin and skeletal system. This is the mechanism for helping with challenges with balance, coordination, tactile problems and others.

So, when you or your children are listening to TLP, especially with the use of the Waves multi-sensory bone conduction system, your body, skeleton and cranial nerves are being activated. We see the results of this in improved motor skills, balance and other areas. TLP Spectrum can help you relax and reduce stress responses. It can also help to improve emotional resilience and behaviour. 


Often, working with The Listening Program brings improvements in letter formation and writing which may not be the main thing you think of when considering a listening therapy!

If you are interested in learning more about how TLP Spectrum may help you or your child, contact us today.

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