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The most widely used series in The Listening Program®, Level One is flexible; offering a foundational to experienced level programme for improving brain function and mental abilities at any age.

To accommodate individual listener preferences, TLP Level One is available in two options: music only, or blended with beautiful sounds of nature. While many prefer to enjoy and focus on the engaging music, others, especially children, will benefit from the added novelty of listening to music and nature sounds together.


Both versions of TLP Level One are contained in either the pre-loaded iPod or online platform options meaning that you can switch as you wish between versions.

TLP Level One trains auditory processing skills from a foundational to advanced level and incorporates music recorded in 24-bit 192 kHz High Definition using ABT's Spatial Surround® process presented with Dolby Headphone® technology. Listener's experience a rich tapestry of sound with strings and woodwinds principally Mozart with Haydn, Vivaldi, Corelli and Danzi compositions. TLP Level One has been developed to be played through headphones.

The engaging music within TLP Level One is arranged in four sequential training categories addressing all audible sound frequencies with a focus on specific frequency zones. This allows for refined training with graded spatial processing treatments offering unlimited options for modifying the programme to meet the unique goals and needs of the listener.

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