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The Listening Program Provider Training


The Listening Program (TLP) can help you to make a difference for the children and adults you are working with. Whether you are helping developments in speech, reading, sleep, continence, sensory processing, balance, social skills, mental health or stroke recovery through to music and sports excellence, TLP is proving beneficial across many areas of development and remediation.


Join the thousands of professionals in the UK and worldwide who offer The Listening Program as part of their clinical practice to build fundamental sensory skills for their patients, clients and students.

By training in The Listening Program you will:


  • Learn the mechanisms of the auditory system and how it influences the brain to regulate attention, listening, communication and behaviour.

  • Understand and have direct experience with TLP and other ABT programmes.

  • Gain the knowledge to implement The Listening Program, TLP Waves Multi-Sensory Audio System and other ABT programmes for use in the home, school or professional practice immediately.

  • Become a Certified Provider of The Listening Program and understand how to individualise listening schedules as appropriate.

  • Work with the TLP Online platform making a TLP programme as simple as clicking on the app each day.


Qualified professionals in a health, therapeutic, education or music field are strongly recommended to explore this training opportunity.

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Alex Doman, CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies explains The Listening Program

We are the International Representatives for Advanced Brain Technologies and are happy to offer training in The Listening Program for individual professionals or your Centre, Clinic or School. Contact us to discuss your bespoke training course or if you are interested in working with us to host a TLP Certified Provider Training Course in your area.

If you have any questions or would simply like to find out more about how you could work with The Listening Program, feel free to contact us.

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