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Just as food nourishes a baby's growing body, the elements of music - melody, tone and harmony - nourish a baby's rapidly developing brain.

Even before children are born, research shows that music has a beneficial effect on the network of neurons that will be the foundation of their later learning, language development and music ability.

Music for Babies fosters the brain growth crucial to healthy young minds. Each volume has been carefully crafted to provide the kind of musical nourishment that scientific study has shown will actively support optimum brain development in a child's early years. By playing this music, you help build a strong foundation for the innate potential of your infant or toddler. Uniquely appropriate for children from birth to 36 months, Music for Babies is equally enjoyable for older listeners.

Your Baby's Hearing

To learn easily and communicate effectively, your child needs to hear well. Hearing damage is the number one undiagnosed health issue in infants, and it can lead to language and learning disabilities.

Exposure to loud sounds, “toxic noise”, is a threat to hearing health. It can be especially harmful during the early childhood years; even everyday sounds can damage the delicate auditory apparatus in very young children. We encourage you to monitor your children’s auditory environment to promote their hearing health.


"There is no doubt that early auditory stimulation is integral to a child's cognitive and language development. The Music for Babies™ collection is a delightful opportunity to enhance learning development through sound, and is an important extension of our Hearing Healthy Kids programme - a comprehensive public awareness and education campaign about what it means to raise a hearing healthy child."- The National Campaign for Hearing Health


Sleepy Baby

Tempo: 40-70 beats per minute

A restful collection arranged to progressively lull your child into a deep and refreshing sleep. Bedtime Guide included with suggestions for establishing a successful bedtime routine.

Peaceful Baby

Tempo: 50-90 beats per minute


Lullabies, Classical and Traditional Music

Create a relaxing atmosphere with gentle melodies that provide a peaceful mood setting for a child. Quiet-time Guide included with soothing activities to calm a fussy baby and relaxed playtime suggestions.

Cheerful Baby

Tempo: 60-120 beats per minute

Nursery rhymes, classical and traditional music

Upbeat tempos provide a stimulating and energetic environment for a child. Activity Guide included with spirited playtime ideas for parents and babies.



Playful Baby

Tempo: 80-140 beats per minute


Nursery rhymes, classical and traditional music.

Vibrant melodies that enhance active listening skills and spatial awareness with music complimented with a variety of sounds from nature. Activity Guide included with stimulating and energising playtime activities.


01 Toy Symphony Allegro

Each unique arrangement is performed by the award-winning players of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble and produced with latest audio technology to ensure premium quality recordings.​

“I have been using the Music for Babies CD’s with my baby every night while he feeds and falls asleep. The music is perfect for the background to drown out the disruptive sounds that would normally startle him awake and I feel provides a secure familiar environment. The melodies are subtle yet soothing, also for the mother as I find myself humming along with him and even singing the melodies at odd times with him during the day. The fact the volume tapers off on Sleepy Baby, saves me from running in to quiet the music once he’s asleep.”

– Gillian Whatmore

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