TLP Provider Certification Course - Online

This is a comprehensive online course for professionals to understand the background to The Listening Program and become qualified to work with TLP.


It comprises 8 hours online video and study followed by a 3 hour live online training. On completion of the course you will be qualified to offer The Listening Program iPod options, Waves bone conduction system and online listening options of the programmes. 

You must complete the online video part of the course before your attendance on the live training.


The next 3 hour live training sessions will take place on:-

Thursday 23rd June 2022 1pm - 4pm

Sunday 21 August 2022 1pm - 4pm

Register for the course below and you can then reserve your place!

This course provides: -

 - 6 months access to the online learning modules

 - Handouts

 - 3 hour live online meeting to complete the training course

 - 1/2 hour individual online consultation with Alan Heath 

 - 30 days free access to the TLP online platform for your own TLP programme

 - Free online and phone support during the course and anytime after completion

 - Exclusive online resources

 - Private Facebook group for online networking and extended conversations

 - Course certificate 




After a learner has completed all course modules you will receive a certificate recognising you as a Certified Provider of The Listening Program®.  Providers can purchase site licenses and resell home systems as well as offer the TLP Online platform.


Prerequisite Requirements


Professionals who hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent in a health, mental health, therapeutic, education, music, or related field are invited to train. Requests for exceptions are considered on an individual basis.

Who should train?

 ~ Occupational Therapist
 ~ Speech & Language Therapist
 ~ Audiologist
 ~ Physical Therapist
 ~ Music Therapist
 ~ SEND staff
 ~ Psychologist
 ~ Counsellor

 ~ Optometrist
 ~ Vision Therapist
 ~ Family Therapist
 ~ Social Worker
 ~ Neurofeedback Practitioner
 ~ Medical Doctor
 ~ Nurse
 ~ Naturopath
 ~ Chiropractor

 ~ Athletic Trainer
 ~ Life Coach
 ~ ADHD Coach
 ~ ABA
 ~ DIR Floortime
 and other areas of therapy and healthcare

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