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At Learning Solutions, we offer a wide range of unique, specialist resources to improve sensory processing, listening, learning and movement skills. 

We have worked with The Listening Program since 1999 and are experts in developing a personalised programme for you or your child. Whether your child is on the Autism Spectrum, Dyslexic or Dyspraxic, or simply needing a boost in terms of reading, listening or concentration, we can help.

As the International Representatives in the UK, Eire and UAE for The Listening Program we have the expertise to work with you.


With a specialist background in the impact of movement upon learning and development, we co-developed The Movement Program with our international partners. This is the culmination of almost 15 years of research and development, always with the focus upon ease of use and strong outcomes for users,


Take a look at our other resources such as the Sound Health Series, Music For Babies and The Learning Breakthrough Program and if you need any help or advice, do feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation chat. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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