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The Listening Program® is the world's most advanced music listening therapy designed to improve listening, learning, attention, and promote relaxation along with a wide range of other benefits.

Does your child find it difficult to concentrate in the classroom or find reading, writing and retaining information a challenge?

Perhaps they have already had a hearing test and been found to have normal hearing ... but they still find it very difficult to concentrate in class?

Many children with underpinning auditory and sensory processing issues have challenges in the following areas:

  • Needing to have directions or information

  • Poor auditory sequential memory

  • Disrupted sleep patterns and emotional

  • Misunderstanding spoken information,
    directions or questions

  • Challenges listening in background noise

  • Finding some sounds uncomfortable or painful

  • Trouble with auditory discrimination skills

  • Difficulties with math concepts

  • Poor balance, coordination and motor skills

  • Continence problems

  • Poor concentration and attention skills

The Listening Program can help development in all these areas and can lead to dramatic improvements in the home and at school.


Whilst many listeners use TLP programmes due to deficits in focus, attention and listening skills, it is worth considering that we can all improve our listening and communication skills, wherever our starting point. TLP is used by many adults to reduce stress levels and as part of a healthy life - just as it is recommended that we take regular exercise, making a TLP programme a part of your daily routine can contribute to a well-functioning brain and improved sleep. Many families who complete TLP together, find that it is of great benefit in helping to build a calm environment at home. When you think of the combined benefits of improved listening and communication skills, sleep and reduced stress, it is easy to understand how it can make such a difference.


There are a range of TLP programmes to choose from. At Learning Solutions, we will help you choose the ideal option for your child, whole family or for a school implementation. As the International Representative for TLP in the UK, Eire and UAE, we are ideally placed to guide and work with you to assess your needs and develop personalised programmes.

We offer a free 15 minute consultation to help us find more about you or your child and to discuss how The Listening Program can help your family. 


So how can we overcome auditory and sensory processing challenges—moving from a “disorganised” to an “organised” system?

Certain classical music, like that of Mozart, Haydn and Vivaldi, has specific structure, producing sound waves in organised patterns. Within these patterns are vital elements including time, frequency and volume. When listening to music, the ear is receiving the musical sound waves—waves that arrive in different frequencies, measured in Hertz (Hz). These frequencies stimulate the brain, and thus affect different functions of the mind and body. Low frequency sound is also known to activate areas of the vestibular system; important for balance, coordination and the integration of all the senses. 

The Listening Program’s psychoacoustically modified music and patent-pending techniques are designed to stimulate, or “exercise,” the different functions of the auditory processing system. This enables the brain to process sensory information from outside and inside the body in a more effective way.

Specific Frequencies for Specific Functions

The Listening Program combines decades of clinical research in several fields, including neurology, physiology, psychoacoustics, auditory processing, music theory and more. The method builds on the work of respected leaders in these fields, such as ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician Alfred A. Tomatis, M.D. (1920-2001). Among other discoveries, Dr. Tomatis helped identify the relationship between certain sound frequencies and their effect on functions of the mind and body. A simplified explanation of Dr. Tomatis’ findings shows that certain bands, or zones, of sound frequencies affect different abilities:


By systematically working through all the frequency ranges TLP is able to help the ear and brain to improve processing in all these areas. Take a look at the different programme options to understand more.

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