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“We’ve now been delivering The Movement Program for four years, and feel very committed to it. It is very exciting to see students’ focus, and witness the impressive progress that students of all abilities make in their reading ages. Along with other reading initiatives in school, it is probably the biggest marker of students’ future success.”

Clare Bradford
Henbury School, Bristol


Movement, rhythm and music have been widely shown in research to have a large impact upon listening, reading, learning, concentration, sport and many other areas of daily life. 

There are many programmes using movement and rhythm available. The challenge is often that a great deal of training is required to understand the precise movements in detail. Then you need to ensure as much as possible that the movements are being completed correctly at home, or with students at school each day. There are programmes for primitive reflex integration, bi-lateral integration, crossing the midline, developing visual motor, fine motor and gross motor skills. The unique quality of The Movement Program is that it brings together a wide range of developmental areas into one easy to use package.

TMP is a progressive developmental programme delivered to any internet-enabled device. Daily modules of 15-20 minutes, 5 days a week for 12 weeks mean that it can be used at home or school by individual children through to whole classes. 

Research conducted in schools in Kent, UK over a number of years show significant improvements in reading age, balance and co-ordination and even exam results nearly 5 years later. Schools around the world are now seeing the benefits of implementing TMP. Take a look at the research here

You can offer The Movement Program to your clients, patients or pupils in school very easily. Completing the TMP Provider Training Course is FREE online and takes only around 3 hours... or you can choose to join Alan Heath for a live training course.

Once you are a trained TMP Provider, you can offer TMP alongside your existing work giving a powerful addition to your clinic work. If using TMP within school, you can simply subscribe to the programme and log in and complete a module each day in your class or group.

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