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“We’ve now been delivering The Movement Program for four years, and feel very committed to it. It is very exciting to see students’ focus, and witness the impressive progress that students of all abilities make in their reading ages. Along with other reading initiatives in school, it is probably the biggest marker of students’ future success.”

Clare Bradford
Henbury School, Bristol


The Movement Program Provider Training Course

Join the co-developer of The Movement Program, Alan Heath, at a live training event. This is a unique opportunity to become a TMP Provider and offer this valuable programme to anyone you are working with. 

Are you a professional working with children with a range of literacy and learning challenges?

The Movement Program Provider Training Course has been created to help you understand the benefits and range of this unique progressive developmental movement programme.

At the end of the course you will: -

  • Understand how specific movement sequences within TMP improve reading, learning and motor skills

  • Easily integrate TMP into your existing practice for home or school use

  • Have access to the wide range of movement sequences that make TMP unique

  • Gain knowledge about the links between sensory processing, the TMP developmental movements, and learning

  • Be able to offer TMP to your clients and families and earn commission


Much research now shows how important areas such as rhythm and movement are in providing strong foundations for learning and reading success. Developing areas such as cross lateral and bi-lateral integration, beat competency and sequencing ability make a real difference in sports, listening, literacy and academic areas.

Alan Heath is your TMP Course trainer. As the co-developer of the programme he will share the background, range of movements and outcomes already achieved within schools in the UK.


The Movement Program is delivered through an online platform and is followed for 15-20 minutes each day, 5 days per week, for 12 weeks. This is a unique way to access a wide range of developmental movements which progress through the programme.

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