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inTime Provider Training

The brain is musical; neuroscience has proven through functional brain imaging that music engages more brain areas than anything else, and rhythm is the most important, fundamental aspect of music.

Your brain health and brain-body connection depend on rhythm.

Children, teens, and adults can engage with the rhythm-based music of inTime to help stimulate rhythm awareness, focus, timing precision and adaptive responses to stress, all of which supply your brain with the highest quality of stimulation it needs for optimal function. As brain health and the brain-body connection improve, these abilities improve as well.

inTime provides a personalised programme of listening training and fun movement activities, using body, drum, and voice to help you keep your beat, and flow with the rhythms of daily life.

Help your clients improve their brain performance with a rhythm-based music listening method designed to stimulate change in self regulation, sensory-motor function, and interaction. inTime is a compilation of original music and rhythms, based on a blend of world music with diverse percussion, string, and wind instrumentation, which accents the power of rhythm and sound frequencies. inTime provides an adaptive process of personalised listening training and specific movement activities using body, drum, and voice so your clients are able to 'keep the beat' and flow within the rhythms of daily life.


The inTime Provider Training Course is available as a live one-day course or an online training option. Contact us for more details of the live course or begin your journey by taking the online course option below.

InTime Provider Master Class Online Course


This is a comprehensive, self-paced, advanced level online video course for professionals to learn how to use inTime with clients.

The inTime Master Class includes lecture, demonstration, independent study, and hands-on practical experience. Acquire the knowledge needed to begin implementing this fun and exciting system for influencing brain performance. Upon successful completion of this course, learners are authorized to offer inTime in their practice.

Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to receive instruction from the program creators, composer and musician Nacho Arimany, occupational therapist Sheila Allen, and ABT founder & CEO Alex Doman.

Course Abstract

This is a comprehensive OnDemand advanced level online course for professionals in the application of inTime, including recorded video learning modules, and hands-on practical experience.

You will acquire the knowledge you need to begin working with this exciting practice for improving brain performance. Upon successful completion of this course, learners are authorized to offer inTime iPod programs, drumming activities, and Waves® bone conduction headphones.

This Course Provides
  • Three months of 24/7 online access to the eLearning platform

  • Handouts

  • Custom quizzes and hands-on labs

  • Written transcripts

  • Expert phone and email support throughout your study

  • Exclusive online resources

  • Private Facebook group for extended conversations and networking

  • Course certificate with CEUs


After a learner, has completed all course modules and passed a quiz, demonstrating satisfactory knowledge of the material, they will receive a certificate recognizing them as an Authorized Provider of inTime. Providers can purchase site licenses and resell home systems.

Prerequisite requirements

Professionals who hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent in a health, mental health, therapeutic, education, music, or related field are invited to train. Requests for exceptions are considered on an individual basis.

Watch the inTime Provider Training Introduction

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