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Learning Solutions is an organisation established in 1996 to help individuals to reach their true potential through the use of developmental movement, sound stimulation and perceptual motor programmes.


We are proud to be the International Representative for Advanced Brain Technologies, creators of The Listening Program® and other neuroscience-based music programmes. 


We offer professional accredited training programmes in The Listening Program, inTime®, The Movement Program®, TAVS (Test of Auditory and Visual Skills) and Brain Gym®. Working with many health and education professionals, Learning Solutions offers continued support to our network of trained Providers.

Learning Solutions offers both training for professionals and schools, as well as assessment and consultation services for individuals with learning challenges and sensory processing difficulties. Over many years, Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK and internationally have benefited from our INSET and training packages as well as workshops for children.

Alan Heath

Alan Heath is our consultant and trainer. With a background in psychology and NLP, he has spent many years training extensively in the areas of sensory integration, bi-lateral integration, primitive reflexes and sound therapies with a particular interest in the integration and processing of sensory information at a neurodevelopmental level.

Alan presents at most of the major Educational Conferences in the UK and works extensively in schools in the UK and internationally, training teachers in Auditory and Sensory Processing, The Movement Program and The Listening Program.


He is the co-developer of The Movement Program and TAVS (Test of Auditory and Visual Skills and is the author of "Beating Dyslexia A Natural Way" published in 1997.

Learn more about The Movement Program, The Listening Program, our consultancy work with families or training for professionals.

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