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“The Movement Program has helped my daughter immensely in her self-esteem and confidence. It has improved her co-ordination, balance, posture, attention, concentration, gross and fine motor skills. Thank you for all your help and support"

Rubina, Mum of Zara, aged 8


Does your child struggle with reading at school?


Could they benefit from improving concentration, balance, learning or sports skills?

The Movement Program was researched and developed over a 10 year period in a collaboration between Learning Solutions,  Leigh Academies Trust in Kent and Advanced Brain Technologies in the USA. The impressive independent research results show  improvements in reading age, balance and co-ordination and GCSE exam results 5 years later.

Much research now shows the importance of movement and rhythm in learning. Areas such as bi-lateral and cross-lateral integration, visual motor skills, beat competency and sequencing ability are fundamental to strong learning outcomes. The answer to improving reading is not just more of the same...

TMP is a unique progressive developmental movement programme that develops a wide range of areas that underpin strong learning, balance and sports skills. It is designed for all children from around the age of seven and is fun and easy to follow each day. Many adults completing the programme with their children also report improved motor skills, rhythm and timing.

Watch the 1 minute introduction to TMP below

TMP Intro.png

With just 15-20 minutes per day, 5 days a week for 12 weeks, TMP is streamed directly to any internet-enabled device. You simply log in and press play and the daily video is delivered in your home; all that is required is to copy the movements on screen.


Over the 12 weeks, TMP becomes progressively more challenging so that it gently builds skills in many areas including:-


Make significant gains in reading age 

Balance and


Improve movement, balance and co-ordination for learning and sports success

Concentration and attention

Increased sequencing, beat and rhythm skills build memory and processing capacity

Exam results

Completing TMP has been shown to improve exam results at age 16

Want to know more? Watch the TMP introduction for families

"Our son’s writing has improved dramatically, both in speed and readability, and we’re only two-thirds into the program! We also appreciate that his attention span has increased notably and he can now sustain a full day of school work. 

An unexpected benefit is that our son now really enjoys his basketball activity, whereas before he was much less coordinated and agile and therefore a bit shy. But what pleases us the most is to see him happier, as he clearly appreciates his improved skills. 

Thank you Alan and the TMP team for putting together such a comprehensive and trustworthy program."


Isabelle Giroday, Founder of France


The Movement Program was developed by specialists in sensory processing, movement, development and learning and is tried and tested for home and school use. It contains important developmental sequences that build skills in areas such as bi-lateral and cross-lateral integration, visual motor, beat competency, sequencing and other areas. These are known to be fundamental to reading success, attention, concentration, movement and sports skills. From whatever level you and your child begin, these skills can always be improved!

golf swing.jpg

“We completed The Movement Program with our son and daughter. The movement sequences were clearly demonstrated in an easy to follow manner and only 15-20 minutes required a day for 5 days. We found that these minutes created a special time for family bonding. We, the adults were competing in a Match-play Golf Competition organised by our Golf Club. We succeeded in reaching and winning the Final. We found that our balance, co-ordination, timing and rhythm improved as well as dealing with pressure in the final holes and thankfully finished very strong, where it mattered most! We feel that the 12 week Movement Program provided us with all the skills required to achieve our victory."

Mark & Chloe Hannick, Kerry, Ireland

Watch Week 1, Day 1 of The Movement Program now. We are happy to offer a full 30-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

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