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The Listening Program Certified Provider Training Course

Garston Manor School  WATFORD WD25 7HR

6th & 7th February 2020

9.00am - 4.30pm each day

The TLP Certified Provider Training Course -Garston Manor School, WATFORD

  • The Listening Program Certified Provider Training

    The Listening Program (TLP) is an evidence-based music listening therapy already used by many families and in schools across the UK and worldwide.


    It is designed to improve auditory and sensory processing for all anyone and particularly those with special educational needs or stress and anxiety issues. Research from the University of Sheffield as well as Leigh Academies Trust in Kent shows the impact TLP can have upon listening, attention, reading, balance, coordination and many other areas vital to reduced stress and improved performance in school and everyday life.


    TLP simply requires putting on a pair of headphones for 15 to 30 minutes per day and listening to the psychoacoustically altered music which is designed to retrain the brain and nervous system.


    Easy to implement in school or home, either for an individual or in larger groups, TLP can improve the ability to access the curriculum and process sensory information.


    Many individuals with challenges with reading, listening, memory and attention have underpinning problems with the basic processing and sequencing of information or are unable to concentrate when auditory and visual distractions are present. TLP fundamentally improves processing and timing in the brain to give them the opportunity to engage with what is being taught.


    At the end of the course you will:-


    ♫ Understand how auditory and sensory processing affects learning


    ♫ Appreciate that many pupils with learning and behavioural challenges have underpinning sensory and processing issues that can be improved


    ♫ Be fully qualified to implement or oversee the implementation of TLP


    ♫ Understand and have direct listening experience of the range of TLP program options available including the Waves multi-sensory bone conduction system and TLP online listening platform.    


    TLP Online subscriptions begin from only around £15 per month for a family.


    Your trainer is Alan Heath from Learning Solutions. Alan is a Psychologist and specialist in auditory and movement-based programmes with over 20 years of experience helping children and adults improve auditory and sensory processing. As the TLP Trainer in the UK and UAE, co-developer of The Movement Program and TAVS (Test of Auditory and Visual Skills), he has a wide range of knowledge and skills that will be shared throughout the course.


    Join us to gain the skills, knowledge and qualification to implement TLP in your school or therapy practice. Help your pupils or clients to improve their fundamental sensory and auditory processing skills.